Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

4 months old!

4 month stats:
16 lbs 8 oz (exactly double his birth weight) 79th percentile
95th percentile for height
31st percentile for head circumference (don't you think his head looks bigger than that with those chubby cheeks)

While the doctor was rotating his hips and checking them he was laughing and laughing. It just shows his happy and easy going!

My theme song for Skyler is "you make me so very happy, i'm so glad you came into my life." It really expresses how I feel about him. By the way, he has now slept through the night until past 7 am for 4 nights in a row. This makes me like him even more!

Monday, October 20, 2008

What a beautiful night

Went to bed at 10:30 didn't get up until 7:30! The BEST night ever! Please Skyler, don't tease me. Just do this every night.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Feeling ugly

Dear postpartum body,
I don't mean to sound disrespectful of you but I'm kind of sick of how you are makinig me feel lately. When I was pregnant I was excited to have my body back. Now that I "have it back" I kind of want to go back to the pregnant body. At least I had thick hair that didn't fall out it clumps everyday. I also had a big tummy back then, but at least there was a reason for it...there was a baby inside. There weren't big dark circles under my eyes from lack of sleep. I'm just feeling a little ugly lately. Sorry for the self pity. No I won't post pictures of myself.

Halloween Party

Last night we went to our ward Halloween is Greg and the kids...GO BUCKS!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Day 3: A Light at the End of the Tunnel

Last night I fed Skyler around 8:30 and then he stayed up for a little while and then I put him down. He fussed for probably 4-5 minutes and then fell asleep. This was by far the least amount of crying. Then he usually wakes up for a feeding around 11 or 12...well last night he didn't wake up until almost 4 am! This gives me so much hope. Hopefully that will eventually stretch out until 6 am. I am so proud of him. I feel a million times better today than I have for a while. I actually got 5 1/2 hours of sleep in a row!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Day 2: is this for real?

Last night was the 2nd night of ferberizing Skyler. He was so mad mad mad when I put him down to sleep. He cried for a LONG time...probably a 1/2 hour. They said the 2nd night is harder than the first because they are testing you and seeing if this is really for real. He finally fell asleep and then woke up for his late night feeding at 2:30 am (which is usually at 11:30 or 12). Then he slept until almost 7. So there was no crying except for when I put him down around 9. So that was better. Hopefully tonight he won't cry as long. I'm really proud of him and myself and I feel so much better than waking up a million times to put his binky in.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Day 1: Not for the faint of heart

So last night after I put Skyler to bed around 8:30 he woke up for his late night feeding around midnight. After that I put him down and he fell right asleep with no pacifier. Then I turned off my monitor and in my mind said that I am not going to go in there until at least 6 am. Greg sleeps with this really loud fan and so I shut Skyler's door and our door and I couldn't hear a thing until about 3:25 am. I listened and sure enough Skyler was crying so loud and it was so sad. I just said to myself I'm not going in there. I was thinking in my mind, "i could end this all right now by going in there and giving him his passie" but I held strong and didn't go in. I let him cry for 20 minutes and then he put himself back to sleep!!! Of course, I couldn't sleep because I was so nervous/excited the whole night. Then he didn't wake up to eat until after 7 am! So then for this morning's nap I put him down and he cried and I'm sure wanted his passie but I just let him cry for about 5 minutes and then he fell asleep. The other thing I did was not swaddle his hands down like I normally do. That way if he wants to suck on his fingers he can to help him go to sleep. I put an extra warm sleeper on him. If you're going to try this I have to say that you need to be tough. Because if you go in there because they are crying forever that only teaches them to cry long enough to get there way. Good thing I have no heart :)
I'll post tomorrow and hopefully tonight will go well. Soon I'll be sleeping through the night again too!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I've had it! The last 5 or so days Skyler has been waking up several times a night. I know it's not because he's hungry. I figure he has become dependent on his pacifier to get him to sleep, so when he half wakes in the night he needs it to go back to sleep. I've decided to use the Ferber method. I used this with Reagan and am an advocate. I love the book "Solve your child's sleep problems." It helped me understand what was going on and has sections for all different ages of your children and all sorts of problems. So the first night you are supposed to put the baby down and go in after a 5-10 minutes and tell them it's okay and then the next time you go in it's after 10-15 etc. I put Skyler down without his pacifier and he screamed and cried. It was so sad...but lo and behold I didn't even have to go in once! He fell asleep before the 10 minutes was up. I'm hoping this will help solve his sleep issues. I AM EXHAUSTED!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Answers to trivia

M Russell Ballard:
He is a great-great-grandson of Hyrum Smith
He also took over his family’s car dealership and managed it for some time
His favorite meal is steak and French fries

Joseph B Wirthlin:
He is a distant cousin of the late President Hinckley.
He was involved in football and track in high school and played several years on the University of Utah football team. He gave up his senior year of football to serve a mission from 1937-39 in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.
He is a big believer in planning and makes a daily list of what he needs to accomplish.

Robert D Hales:
He was born on August 24, 1932 in New York City, New York.
He then earned an MBA degree from Harvard in 1960.
As a baseball pitcher, he once threw a no-hitter

Jeffrey R Holland:
His father was an Irish immigrant who had formal education only up to the seventh grade
His parents served in the same mission at the same time. He claimed to be the only missionary who said goodbye to his parents at both the start and end of his mission
From 1980-1989, he served as the 9th president of BYU

David A Bednar:
While he was a student at Purdue, he baptized his father into the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1979.
He was a faculty member at the University of Arkansas from 1980-1997
From 1997-2004, he was the president of BYU-Idaho. He led the transition of the school going from Ricks College to BYU-Idaho.

Quentin L Cook:
He is the great-grandson of David Patten Kimball, who helped carry members of the Martin Handcart company across the Sweetwater River.
He served as a missionary to the British Isles, where he was a missionary companion with Elder Jeffrey R. Holland,
He worked as a lawyer for many years in the Bay Area

Thomas S Monson:
He served in the United States Navy near the close of World War II
In December 1981, he was appointed by President Ronald Reagan to serve on the President’s Task Force for Private Sector Initiatives
He was called as an apostle at age 36 and has served as a Counselor in the First Presidency of the Church since November 10, 1985

Henry B Eyring:
He lived in Princeton until his early teenage years
He met his wife in Boston when he was going to Harvard for grad school
He is a wiry 6 foot 3 and 163 pounds

Russell M Nelson:
He grew up in an inactive family where it was all about football instead of church
He performed heart surgery on Spencer W Kimball
He had 9 daughters in a row and the 10th child was a 12 pound boy

Richard G Scott:
One summer as a teen he went off to the Ozark Mountains to play the clarinet and saxophone in a dance band
He attended George Washington University and received a degree in Mechanical engineering
His girlfriend told him she’d only marry a returned missionary, so he went on a mission to Uruguay

Boyd K Packer:
He attended Weber State, Utah State, University of Utah, and BYU
He has skills as a wood carver and an artist
He was a seminary teacher

L Tom Perry:
He was the neighborhood leader among the boys. No umpires were needed for their ball games because he had an unusual ability to arbitrate disputes
Shortly after he was called to the 12, his wife passed away
He says that the greatest talent that the Lord has blessed him with is enthusiasm

Dallin H Oaks:
He was a Justice of the Utah Supreme Court
His Father passed away when he was only 7 years old
His wife described him in these words: “he never, never criticizes anyone. I’ve never heard him say anything unkind about anyone and we’ve been married almost thirty years.”

Dieter F Uchtdorf:
He was born on November 6, 1940 in then Mährisch-Ostrau, Czechoslovakia,
He played in bombed-out houses and grew up with the ever-present consequences of a lost war and the awareness that his own country had inflicted terrible pain on many nations during the horrific World War II
At fourteen, he dreamed of becoming a pilot. He pursued this dream as a career, and has become one of the most recognized and honored commercial pilots in Germany

D Todd Christopherson:
He went to Duke Law School
When he was a teen he participated in the Hill Cumorah pageant
His mission president was Richard G Scott