Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I've had it! The last 5 or so days Skyler has been waking up several times a night. I know it's not because he's hungry. I figure he has become dependent on his pacifier to get him to sleep, so when he half wakes in the night he needs it to go back to sleep. I've decided to use the Ferber method. I used this with Reagan and am an advocate. I love the book "Solve your child's sleep problems." It helped me understand what was going on and has sections for all different ages of your children and all sorts of problems. So the first night you are supposed to put the baby down and go in after a 5-10 minutes and tell them it's okay and then the next time you go in it's after 10-15 etc. I put Skyler down without his pacifier and he screamed and cried. It was so sad...but lo and behold I didn't even have to go in once! He fell asleep before the 10 minutes was up. I'm hoping this will help solve his sleep issues. I AM EXHAUSTED!!!


Jocee Bergeson said...

I am as exhausted as you are. He's 8 weeks now and I am craving sleeping through the night like you can't believe. It's so rough. Drew is also dependent on his binki and if it falls out he freaks out. He is sick now and so congested that he can't breath at all and it's worse at night. He tries to breath and then starts screaming...it's been a long 8 weeks. I'M EXHAUSTED TOO!!!!!

XYZinn said...

So are you no longer giving him his passie at all? Kirye is addicted to his and he is 18 months old now! Crap! Now I am in for it!

Jennifer said...

Let me know if it works well. Jonas has had trouble the last 2 nights--he's getting too strong for the and I would love to Ferberize him upon your recommendation