Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Day 1: Not for the faint of heart

So last night after I put Skyler to bed around 8:30 he woke up for his late night feeding around midnight. After that I put him down and he fell right asleep with no pacifier. Then I turned off my monitor and in my mind said that I am not going to go in there until at least 6 am. Greg sleeps with this really loud fan and so I shut Skyler's door and our door and I couldn't hear a thing until about 3:25 am. I listened and sure enough Skyler was crying so loud and it was so sad. I just said to myself I'm not going in there. I was thinking in my mind, "i could end this all right now by going in there and giving him his passie" but I held strong and didn't go in. I let him cry for 20 minutes and then he put himself back to sleep!!! Of course, I couldn't sleep because I was so nervous/excited the whole night. Then he didn't wake up to eat until after 7 am! So then for this morning's nap I put him down and he cried and I'm sure wanted his passie but I just let him cry for about 5 minutes and then he fell asleep. The other thing I did was not swaddle his hands down like I normally do. That way if he wants to suck on his fingers he can to help him go to sleep. I put an extra warm sleeper on him. If you're going to try this I have to say that you need to be tough. Because if you go in there because they are crying forever that only teaches them to cry long enough to get there way. Good thing I have no heart :)
I'll post tomorrow and hopefully tonight will go well. Soon I'll be sleeping through the night again too!!!

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