Sunday, June 12, 2011

3 year old and newborn recap

Reagan and Skyler about 3 years ago

Skyler and Reagan today (almost 3 and almost 6)
Remember when I wrote this post about having a new born and a 3 year old?  That was about 3 years ago.  Now my newborn is my 3 year old and my 3 year old is my 6 year year old.  Weird.  Time flies (correction:  some days it definitely does not fly).

Anyhow I thought I would give an update since this is a topic that leads many people to my blog apparently.  Apparently you all know what I'm talking about when I say that 3 year olds are hard.  This is why I think 3 year olds are hard:

1.  Potty training.  Usually you are potty training your kid right around this age.  Need I say more about potty training?  It just absolutely is the worst. 

2.  They may or may not have a new sibling right around that age.  That adds a lot of commotion to their little lives and daily schedule.

3.  They think they are big but they are not.  They think they can do a lot more than they really can.  They get frustrated when you tell them no.  They get frustrated when trying to do something and their bodies won't cooperate like they should.

4.  They are usually getting out of the daily nap.  This leads mom to pull out her hair.  This leads to no down time for moms.  Moms need kids to take naps.  Naps are what keep moms going.  Naps are a moms best friend.  Naps are what keep moms semi-sane.  (Can you tell I really like naps, for my kid and for me?)

Any other things that make 3 year olds hard?

On the other hand, they really can melt your heart.  Like Skyler saying to me, "Mom do you want to watch Ni Hao Kailan with me and snuggle?"  Then proceeding to make me sit it a chair with a blanket and snuggle.  He is so perfect (and so crazy *see above notes 1-4).

Anyhow, for all those with 3 year olds and newborns out there I want to tell you that the first year is pretty hard.  But that when that 3 year old goes to kindergarten (and even preschool) life gets a lot better.  So good luck to you. 

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Big Rick said...

The terrible twos have nothing on the threes you get spoiled with what you think is hard to take care of in a three year old and soon realize how simple they are compared to all a newborn demands.