Monday, May 12, 2008

One week down

Greg has been gone for one week. It has been kind of weird. I am fine during the day but it's weird not to have him come home for dinner or help put Reagan to bed or watch AI with. He says that the training has been great and that the food is really good. So that is good. He might not want to come home! Reagan fell off the slide and had an ear infection but other than that she has been a really good girl. I think that I am definitely being blessed and having prayers said in my behalf. I feel a sense of strength, patience, and peace beyond my own faith and prayers. That is a great feeling. I'm excited because this week my parents are coming to visit and then at the end of next week we go and visit Greg. Then it's time to focus and get ready for this baby! I only have 6 weeks has gone by so fast!

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Maleen said...

What a trooper! I think I would have a really hard time being without my husband and especially at the end of a pregnancy. Hang in there, and hopefully the time will go faster than you think.