Monday, May 5, 2008

Birthday and Depression

For my birthday Greg and I got a babysitter and went out to dinner and then to the Jazz game which was fun because they won and closed out the series against Houston. It is always great to get a babysitter and actually go out and do something! As annoying as it is to try and plan ahead and find someone to watch Reagan it is always worth it and so refreshing.
Today was an especially weird, depressing day. Reagan and I dropped Greg off at the airport bright and early. Just knowing he is so far away is so depressing. He will be gone for 40 days. Reagan and I will be visiting him for a week or so over Memorial Day that helps break things up. Greg and I have really never been apart. The longest time has been the 2 days when we moved back from Ohio and he drove and I flew with Reagan. We have been married 7 1/2 years! That is pretty amazing. Luckily, I have great neighbors and they all have offered to help me with anything I need. I asked Reagan where dad was tonight and she said "at work" then she said "at carolina beach." I told her we can go to the beach in a few weeks. I think she will love it since she loves playing in the sand.


Scott, Erin, & Ellie said...

I am so sorry! When Scott was gone as long as he was - I did not think I was going to make it. Luckily he was home for the weekend inbetween the weeks being gone! And - we were able to video conference, that helped. At least you have the beach to look forward to! Good luck.

whitney said...

oh my goodness, that's a long time! i'm so sorry. ben has been traveling a lot for work lately and it is not fun, but i couldn't imagine 40 days. i'll keep you guys in my prayers. :)