Wednesday, December 12, 2007

0 for 2

Greg had applied for a job in Pocatello and interviewed for it a few weeks ago. It was a federal probation job that if we had been offered the position would be too good to pass up. Yesterday we found out that they went with a different candidate. I am happy that we don't have to make the decision of whether to take it or not and to have to sell our house in the next month. We were both kind of relieved that we didn't get it. It was kind of funny. You want the right thing to happen but you're not sure what that is. So it's nice not to have to make a decision like that right now.
I didn't get the job at the rec center either...I figured they would go with someone who had some experience. It's always hard though when you get turned down not to take it personally.


Jocee Bergeson said...

OH yeah, I totally know what you mean, Karen. When Brick or I haven't gotten jobs that we applied for (even if we weren't sure we wanted them!) we totally take it personally. When we were in school Brick applied at CHEESECAKE FACTORY in Hawaii and didn't get the job (he says b/c he was feeling sick and acted like he could care less - I wonder why he didn't get it?! ha ha). But, still to this day I tease him about it and I can tell it bugs him that he didn't get it. "How could I not get a job at a stupid restaurant?!?" Funny.

Megan said...

I applied to teach at BYU for next semester and in the rejection email they said that the students don't respond well to someone with no experience like me. Nice! Anyway I am glad you don't have to sell your house!

Grygla Family said...

it is never easy to see a door closed, but it is surprising when something else opens up. i was sad to leave texas, but i am glad he did not take the job in dallas - he would have been traveling almost every week. that is not what is good for us now. so, i understand you want to do what is right - but finding it is not an easy path. i am glad you guys are still here though! hope to see you all soon.