Friday, October 26, 2007

The Phantom strikes...again...and again

Okay, so many of you are probably familiar with the little phantom ghost that comes around Halloween time and leaves a treat at the door. You are supposed to put the ghost up in your window so that people know you have already got the phantom. Well we got some yummy treats a few nights ago. Reagan took a look at the phantom and thought it was a snowman and she wanted to color it. So I let her color it and then I tried to put it up in the window. She was so mad and she didn't want it up there, she wanted to hold it. So anyway, we got treats again the 2nd night! This time I figured we really ought to put the phantom up in the window so we don't get it again. I put it up, then the next morning lo and behold I find some treats on our doorstep AGAIN! It was so funny. We got the Phantom 3 times!!! I guess that means we are supposed to give it to 9 people. However, I still have only given it to 3 total.


Megan said...

How funny. I am curious to know what the phantom actually looks like. I have envisioned a tootsie pop covered in a kleenex. Or maybe a cut out?

Maleen said...

A friend in my ward got it seven times last year. She dutifully put the ghost in her window every time she got more goodies, but that didn't seem to daunt this phantom. She eventually gave up and her family just consumed whatever was left on her doorstep.

Karen said...

Wow! 7 times! And I thought we were popular :)