Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Office

Did anyone watch The Office on Thursday? My favorite part was when they were talking about when it is correct to use whoever and whomever. The comment Kelly said that Ryan used her as an object was the best! She is so funny to me.


Maleen said...

Thanks for reminding me. We never have time on Thursday, so we always watch The Office later, online. So we sat down last night and just cracked up. I'm glad you enjoy it too.

FoSHO said...

Karen, Me and my wife are huge office fans. We're still in Ohio I'm doing optometry at OSU and got 2 more years, what are you guys up to?

Karen said...

We are living north of salt lake...we have one girl 2 years old and my husband works as a probation officer. My husband grew up in Ohio so we are really big OSU fans...we are getting nervous for Penn State this weekend and hope they can pull it off! That's cool about optometry school. That should be an interesting career. Do you know where you will settle down?