Sunday, August 14, 2011

The really scary nightmare for a mom of potty training...

Remember how I was DREADING potty training Skyler practically since the day he was born?  I can't believe it but he picked it up in, oh, about a week.  He's had less accidents than fingers on my hands.  I am so so so proud of him. 

I think what it comes down to is:
1.  He was ready (I didn't really even bring it up until he was 3 years old)
2.  He is easily bribed with marshmallows.  (he calls them Mashmallows)
3.  He likes to please people (unlike older sister who likes to do the complete opposite of what you want her to do.  Talk about the potty becoming a control issue!)

So there you have it.  Potty training doesn't have to be horrible.  I never ever thought I would be able to say that. 

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