Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Book Review: To the Rescue The Biography of Thomas S Monson

I just finished reading the wonderful book.  It was very well written and kept me laughing and crying throughout the whole book.  There were so many stories that I've heard before but even more stories that I hadn't heard.  My favorite chapter was the one about his childhood.  I can just imagine President Monson coming home with a bunch of dogs or sharing his pet rabbits with his neighbor.  It is a great read and very inspiring!


MaryAnn said...

I'm reading it right now too - only halfway through - what an inspirational man.

Tamilisa said...

Karen, my name is Tamilisa. I am a producer for the Mormon Channel (official Church media channel). We have an upcoming episode of Everything Creative about Creative Food! Would you contact me at MinerT@ldschurch.org? Thanks.