Saturday, September 4, 2010

First day of the rest of our lives

Reagan picked out her outfit for the first day.  She had to wear a shirt underneath the plaid one because it was "too itchy."  When she got off the bus she said, "mom!  I told you not to pick me up from the bus."  Hmmm, are we in kindergarten here or in high school?  She has been to school for 5 days and we have both loved every minute of it.  I'm not the kind of mom that is sad when her kids get big enough to reach milestones.  I love the quiet afternoon time.  Skyler sleeping and me just listening to the silence.  It is a beautiful thing.  Just when it gets a little too quiet for me, Reagan comes busting through the door talking until she goes to bed.   


Jenny said...

LOVE her outfit...what a cute girl. She reminds me of Ali! Wish we lived closer!

Mel and Ernie said...

I can't believe you have a daughter in how time flies