Monday, November 3, 2008

embarrassinig secret

I'm so embarrassed for myself that Reagan is not potty trained yet. I feel like a failure. She is 3 years and 3 months. The Dr. told me to stop putting pressure on her and let her wear a diaper everyday if she wants. So that is what we've been doing. The good news is that she is not holding her poop in anymore and is not costipated. She loves her diapers and chooses them everyday over panties. Of course when she chooses her diaper she will not go pee in the potty. Why would she? It's such an inconvenience and it's so much easier to just pee in the diaper. I'm so sick of her smelling like urine. I'm so sick of changing her diapers full of poop. I feel like she literally will wear diapers for the rest of her life. Anyway, as you can tell I'm very frustrated.


Holly said...

Hey Karen, The kids look so cute in their Halloween get-ups. I love looking at Skyler. He looks just like greg. Don't stress over Reagan and the potty training. I promise she will not be in diapers for much longer. She will literally wake up one day and decide that she is done with diapers and will never look back. Just let her decide when she is ready. But while you wait for her to decide that, I know how frustrated you must be!

Maleen said...

It is hard not to be frustrated but it doesn't help in the long run. With June, I tried everything from treats to cold showers and nothing worked. Right before she turned four (FOUR!) she decided that she was ready. Stinker. If I could go back, I would just change the diapers and stop stressing and giving myself a headache.
Personally I would rather change a diaper than clean the floor. Ivory was doing great, but suddenly she doesn't feel like being potty trained anymore, so she hasn't pooped in the potty for two weeks, she just goes in her underwear. Talk about frustrating. I am trying not to lose my cool. You think I would have learned something with the other ones--and that is they will do what they want.