Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I love the olympics, I don't love that they are making me sleep deprived. Or I should say more sleep deprived than I already am. I have been saddend at the gymnastics and the judging. It is hard for me to watch such bias. I guess that's why I like track so much. If you win, you win. It isn't based on what a judge says. Reagan and I have been practicing our floor routines (hers consists of lots of sommersaults and mine consists of a kart wheel or two) and our balance beam routines. We were at walmart today and in the parking lot Reagan walked on the curbing. I told her to hurry up and she said something about being on the balance beam and doing her "nastics."

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Jennifer said...

We love the Olympics too and miss watching them with you. Have you seen Pat in the track events? He's been training the last 4 years and he's really fast now :)