Monday, April 7, 2008

Stomach Envy

Whenever I see Greg with his shirt off I get envious of his flat stomach. I look down at my round belly and wonder if mine will ever be flat again. And if it will be, how long will that be? A friend of mine had a baby 4 weeks ago and she seriously does not look like she had a baby. I am so jealous. I am trying to not gain a ton of weight so that I won't have a ton to lose but there is always that belly that will be there after you have a baby. Oh, the sacrifices that women make for mankind!


Maleen said...

I am totally suffering from Stomach envy right now. I was trying to play tag with my kids today and I was pulling muscles all over the place on my huge belly. I could certainly go for some nice flat abs right now.

XYZinn said...

I saw this infomercial the other night for an ab machine and I swear I HAVE to HAVE it. It looked so awesome. You can get a free trial for only $9.95. ONly one catch, after that if you keep it it is 4 payments of $99! Crap. I guess I won't be getting it and creating a 6 pack for myself!

Becki Becki Bo Becki said...

It was fun seeing you guys on the streets of Bountiful the other day. We certainly need to get together with the old gang! You're all invited to my grad party on the 3rd of May. Check my blog for details.