Saturday, January 12, 2008

Exciting and shocking news!

Last night Greg told me that he got a babysitter and we were going to go out to dinner. I was very excited as this does not happen all that often. So we went out to dinner and Greg says "I have a letter for you." I'm thinking okay, this is a little weird. He goes to the bathroom while I read the letter. Here is some of what it said,

The Lord is great! He knows how to succor His people. Let me explain, On Sunday November 27, 2007 I was pondering if I should pursue the Pocatello, Idaho Federal Probation job and I received the following spiritual prompting, “Go to Pocatello”. Before I received the prompting I was a little reluctant to go but I went anyways relying on my faith. The interview was on Tuesday November 27, 2007. I drove to the interview in a large snow storm. I got to the interview and there was a panel of 5 individuals. The interview was fairly standard. They asked me questions about my education, experience, scenarios, etc. I felt like that I truly had the Lord’s assistance and that I performed very well in the interview. However, I left the interview very unsettled. I just wasn’t too impressed with moving to Pocatello and the hours and travel they wanted me too keep… but I said that I would live on faith and do the Lord’s will. Later that week on Friday November 30, 2007 I received a call from Utah Federal Probation inviting me for an interview on Tuesday December 4, 2007. The night before (Monday December 3, 2007) I was preparing for my interview and I was overcome with the most spiritual impression that went like this, “It’s yours Greg. The job is yours now go out and get it’! It is was the probably the strongest impression I have ever had. I just sat on the couch and took in the spiritual swellings I was feeling inside. I wrote the impression down in my journal and thanked the Lord for His Spirit and that he was willing to communicate his Spirit with me. I truly had an increased understanding of the Lord’s promise that He would tell us in our minds and in our hearts.

I went to the interview on Tuesday December 4, 2007 confident but yet humble. I got to the interview and there were 4 individuals on the panel. They explained to me that I had 45 minutes to answer 5 questions. They explained that they were unable to interact with me but that they would read the questions as many times as I needed. I don’t remember that many of the questions but I remember that it was the most difficult interview I have ever had. I remember one question went something to the effect of, “In the last 6 months describe a difficult decision you have made. Describe why it was difficult, how you handled it, what you did to overcome the problem”? Another one of the questions went something to the effect of, “Describe a time that you worked in a group setting and when other members of the group failed you. What did you do? How did you react, etc? None of the questions were simple or directed towards my experience or education, etc. In short, it was literally the most difficult interview I have ever had. I left the interview with faith in God and I literally prayed, “Stating that I needed a miracle and it was not on my merits that I would get this job”. I was humble and relying on my previous spiritual prompting the night before.

On Thursday December 6, 2007 I was suppose to go back the Federal Courthouse to take a written test. However, I wrote on my calendar that I was supposed to go to the Courthouse on Friday December 7, 2007. I received a call on Thursday from the HR Director asking me why I didn’t show up for my testing. My heart dropped into my stomach and I told her that I had it written down on my calendar that I was supposed to be there on Friday. I begged her to let me reschedule the appointment and she was very gracious. The test was pretty difficult but I felt with the Lord’s assistance that I was articulate and that I did very well. After I was done testing the HR Director said that the Top 7 people would be invited back for a second interview with the Chief and the Deputy Chief. I received a call the next week inviting me for a second interview.

I showed up at the interview on Tuesday December 18, 2007 with the Chief and Deputy Chief and I had a good visit with them. The interview was relaxed and I felt like it went well. I told the both of them that I realized that this job is very competitive and I was humbled by the fact that I was in the running. They told me that they would let the final candidate know the outcome probably the third week of January. Well on Friday January 11, 2008 I received a call from the Chief and Deputy Chief indicating that they chose there candidate and that they were choosing Greg Petersen.

I was completely shocked as he had totally left me if the dark concerning all of this!!! I think he just wanted to suprise me all at once. Anyway, I am very very excited about this job. We have been praying for this opportunity for a long time. This is Greg's dream job and we will be making more money, have good benefits, be able to stay in our home here, and much more. I am so excited for him and very proud of him! Hooray!


Megan said...

Congratulations! It is always nice to read about good and happy news. Even better when you don't have to move.

Don't you wish they paid you by the hour to go through all their hiring minutae?

Maleen said...

Oh my gosh! That is wonderful. Such great news. It seems the Lord is really watching over your little family. Tell Greg congrats!

Scott, Erin, & Ellie said...

Congrats! ...we are so glad that you can stay here and that this job will allow for so many more things.

Becki Becki Bo Becki said...

Congrats! It was fun reading Greg's insights about the whole process. It's always exciting to find the "dream-job."

In other news, when are we going to see you guys? We need to get together with a bunch of the old ward. Where are you living again?

XYZinn said...

YEAH! That is so cool.

whitney said...

congrats you guys! what a fun way to find out such good news. greg is so thoughtful... very "ben-like." haha :)