Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Finally, we have a blog

Okay I've given in to the blogging world and created a blog for our family. I figured since all of my friends have one I better create one too. I figured this would be a great place to journal what is going on in our family and post cute things about Reagan.


Emily said...

Brock will be excited when he comes home...I love linking a new blog to ours so that we can see what all our friends are up to. You guys look good. Just yesterday night i said, "Brock I need to quit eating snacks after 9 like the Petersens." and then I ate 5 grasshopper cookies. I also made Karens Chocolate Chocolate chip cookies last week and I ate tons of those after 9pm...i'll work on it.

Karen said...

Unbelievable as it is we still do the 9pm rule. I don't think Greg has ever broken it! I have a few times though.

The Laytons said...

I am so excited to see you have joined the blogging world!!! Yeah!!! Now I can see how cute your family is without being a stoker :) I'm sure you already have our blog address, but just in case www.the-laytons.blogspot.com
Also, I have links to Blacker, Salter, Sam Abram and Christian. Check it out :)

XYZinn said...

Emily, that is a funny comment. I always think to myself, I need to stop eating snacks after the kids go to bed. But it is like my little reward for getting through the day with 2 little kids.
But Karen, this week I have not had any snacks or treats at all. I am trying it for one week and then on Sunday I can eat what I want. So far so good. After the kids go to bed I just go downstairs so I am not tempted. I am so happy you have a blog. Sorry this post is so long.